Our multi-year project aims to bring awareness and education to two distinct global concerns.  Climate/environmental change and sustainable nutrition.  Our mission objectives will utilize multiple strategies, captioned below, to spread this awareness and education. 

Environmental and Climate Research Support

Hakluyt's previous mission supported a variety of educational and research expeditions.  We aim to provide similar opportunities to institutes and organizations who are looking to promote awareness of the fragility and importance of our planet's polar regions.  Climate change and Polar warming are hot topics - so every bit of education and research that supports that awareness will be included in our objectives portfolio.

Healthy toast toppings

Showcase Healthy Sustainable food That Also Supports the Health of Our Planet

The evidence is clear and incontrovertible - organic, plant based nutrition far exceed the nutritional and health values of processed and GMO food.  Healthy doesn't mean bland salad three times a day.  It means delicious healthy alternatives to conventional processed foods.  For example how about a chocolate cream cake made with dates and avocados instead of sugar and unhealthy cream?!  Or - home made cheese on a healthy pizza!?  If we can make delicious meals on a boat - in remote places, for weeks and months on end - you can do this anywhere in the world - without harming the planet.  We aim to lead by example and show just how easily this can be done!

Fossil Fuel And Emissions Free Travel

SV Hakluyt is ditching her Diesel thirsty components.  The conventional Diesel engine is being replaced with 2 x 15kW electric engines.  The diesel stove is being replaced with a solid combustible stove that will burn safe, recycled and reclaimed environmentally friendly compressed logs.  Once the technology for outboard engines become sufficiently reliable - the gas outboard will also be replaced in favor of an electric engine.  Hakluyt's power will come from multiple power regeneration sources to keep our expedition as environmentally (and Arctic) friendly as possible!

Sustainable Energy
Guy Skiing

Promote Healthy Living Through Exercise And Sports - From A Boat!

From hiking, to running, to biking, to kite boarding, to paddle boarding, to skiing, to swimming, to diving, to climbing, to mountaineering - we are passionate about sports!  A healthy lifestyle also means being engaged with your environment - experiencing your environment in environmentally friendly ways, while at the same time promoting ones own general well being and personal growth!

Journalistic Documentation Of Our Travels

Over the course of our expeditions, we will be documenting, interviewing, filming, and photographing along the way.  Climate impact stories have to be told - and a dash of journalism with local people is always a good metric when documenting the current state of the landscapes and geographies where Hakluyt will be taking us.  We look forward to bringing you updated data, feedback, insights, and thoughts during our journey.

Notebook and Pen

Planned Route 2023

Our "shakedown" journey is just that - a shakedown of our new systems, motors, gear, dogs, humans, and boat.  To that end we plan on spending some time in Notre Dame Bay to make sure things are "ship shape".  Then the journey will take us North up the Labrador Coast with a hop scotch up to the southern end of Baffin Island.  Baffin Island is quite simply an amazing place - think Yosemite valley, times 10,000!  Working our way North will be a challenge not only due to the prevailing currents trying to push us south - but the incredible scenery will be enough to keep us from moving onward! Crossing Lancaster sound (the traditional East to West entrance to the Northwest Passage) to Devon island and on to Coburg island before crossing East to Greenland making landfall at Uppernavik. There are SO many choices for landfalls along the West coast of Greenland we won't bore you with the lengthy list of names - however two prominent stops will be Disko Island (Godhavn), and Prins Christianssund on the southern tip of Greenland (rumored to be the world's most spectacular fjord).  


From there we will have to make a decision - south back to Canada and further south to warmer waters for the arctic winter or - push on to the Shetland Islands, Holland (Rotterdam), Germany, and Norway.  In Holland we will be getting the mast and rigging serviced.  While that is happening we will take opportunity to motor up the River Rhine to visit relatives and friends.