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2022 REFIT

HAKLUYT underwent a major refit during the spring, summer and fall of 2022.  The interior from the mast to stern lazaret was gutted and the steel hull had rust removed and holes repaired.  We said goodbye to the Diesel engine and diesel heater and said hello to our new electric Oceanvolt Servo Prop motors.  

Here is a brief list of items we completed during the refit.  Items we consider more ecologically friendly are highlighted in green.

 - Dual Oceanvolt Servo Prop electric regenerative motors

 - Removal of anything "diesel" including the old diesel heater

 - Installation of eco friendly wood burning gasifier 2 stage fireplace

 - Installation of eco friendly galley.  With electric stove and oven.

 - 2 KiloWatts of bifacial solar panels in custom expandable array installed

 - 800 Watts of wind power generators installed

 - New ABYC standardized marine wiring throughout

 - New Raymarine electronics package

 - New eco friendly interior using sustainable materials and non toxic chemicals

 - The list goes on and on...  Have a look at the images below to see for yourself!

The refit story is told in a series of pictures - far better than the novel it would take for us to describe.  Please click on the image below and read the notes telling the story as you scroll through the pictures.  Pictures are more or less in chronological order of the refit process.

Oceanvolt Servoprop Initialization
Oceanvolt Electric Motor Tests
Splashing Hakluyt
Oceanvolt Electric Motor Sea Trials
Testing the Genoa
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