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 Hakluyt is a purpose built sailboat designed to endure the rigors of high latitude sailing and remote exploration

"As it is 'easy' to climb up to Disko island, going further north requires specific preparation of the boat and great caution." - Gilbert Caroff

Hakluyt's Sister Ships

As far as we can tell again...

Probably the most famous - near sister ship is "Northabout".  She has more or less the same layout, plan and design as Hakluyt but was built out of aluminum.  The design plan is listed as a "Nadja" but the similarity to the Super Disko is really close.  Northabout is certainly a proven arctic / polar exploration vessel and gained notoriety for doing a complete Arctic circumnavigation (both North West and North East passages).  Northabout's website is still live as of 2021 (  This is a true testament to the severity of  the conditions Caroff designed these boats to endure.

Dixie notes in the Euronav archives that Hakluyt has another famous sister ship called "Vagabond".  While Vagabond was also designed by Gilbert Caroff and has similar dimensions (47 feet long, ~15 feet wide and a 4 foot draft),  her lines and overall design are distinctly different.  Beyond the same naval designer and similar dimensions, the only other similarity is that Dixie notes Vagabond and Hakluyt were built in the same shipyard in France.  Regardless of the design differences - Vagabond is another testament to Caroff's attention to polar expedition sailboat design considerations.  You can still read about Vagabond here (

There are countless Super Disko "builds", some or most, are reputedly home builds. They pop up from time to time on Yachtworld, iNautia, and various other boat classifieds.  Each seem to have subtle differences around the keel and aft swim platform.  Other differences include the incorporation of twin (non-skeged) rudders.

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