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Judith Graile

Author of Healthy Easy Delicious - Plant Based Recipes with Simple Ingredients

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Healthy - Easy - Delicious

This book was created to help challenged cooks enjoy preparing meals and begin making changes towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. It encourages the reader to make wise plant-based choices and explains how the changes can be done and why they work. 


The recipes are easy to prepare and easy to follow and can be made with minimal kitchen tools, perfect for beginning cooks or those on the road. They contain ingredients that are familiar and most offer ideas for substitutions. The book also includes a mini guide for a healthy lifestyle; healthy living includes not only eating clean but also what you put on your skin and the choices made with environmental factors.


It won't be long until the user of this book feels a will increase, the body will be in better shape, libido will go up and the brain will be more alert. These positive changes will be the most encouraging factor to continue eating in a healthy way.


Alongside the recipes the reader will find information about the foods used in this book and their nutritional benefits, guidance on how to avoid produce with pesticides, and a list of substitutes for the most common unhealthy foods in the standard American diet (SAD).


The enthusiasm and humour of author and food creator Judith Graile comes through in the text and illustrations. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge around sustainable, high nutrient food with the goal of positively impacting the health of people and the planet.


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