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Photo Log

Here you will find a collection images from a variety of interesting locations we find along our journey.  Enjoy!


The remote resettled outport of Grand Bruit is really a window into Newfoundland's past.  It's absolutely gorgeous in every respect and it is almost heartbreaking to know that nobody lives here anymore.  The edifices people once called "home" are still largely intact.  Some still have books and family portraits on the shelves, despite the broken windows, doors, and roofs letting the weather slowly erode the left behind memories.  It feels a bit like everyone simply vanished at the snap of a finger.  It seriously feels like the apocalypse took place and nobody told you - or - aliens came and abducted everyone.  The truth is far less dramatic of course, and it was/is a fantastic place to explore and photograph/document before the hands of time eventually erase Grand Bruit like many of its peer communities from view.  To view our photo documentary please click on the image below.  These are best viewed on a desktop browser!

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