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Healthy Living

The healthier you eat the better you feel! 


Our mission is to demonstrate how easy it is to cook healthy (even in small kitchens!), eat delicious meals, prevent and reverse illness and feel young throughout your life.  


At the end of some of our episodes on our Youtube channel we will introduce a meal where subscribers can download the recipes for free. You will also find some  recipes on this website (click here for recipes).

Your body is composed of around 210 different cell types and each of them needs the right food to do its job. Balanced and nutrient-dense food choices are therefore vital to keep you healthy and feeling young as you age.

For those who would like to have all recipes in a book with awesome travel pictures, our unique cookbook "Healthy - Easy - Delicious" is out now!!  Click here for the book link.  Subscribers and Patreons will get advanced notice of publication!  

Proceeds from the cookbook also supports our non-profit mission


See below for a sample of our healthy living ethos.

Organic vs. Non-organic

Does it have to be Organic?

Not always - There are a few foods that are not heavily sprayed and are safe to source non-organic. For instance:  garlic, onions, avocado, broccoli, asparagus, pineapple.

However - it is important to source the following foods as organic: spinach, kale, tomatoes, potatoes, blueberries, strawberries, apples peaches, celery, lettuce, grapes, cherries, pears, bell and hot peppers and chard.

For a full list of foods you can source organically and non-organically you can reference:

Something to consider if you want to help the world to be a safer and healthier place -  is to always buy organic and support organic farming.


Mini Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Buy organic or at least choose from the “clean fifteen” (

  • Use Himalayan salt or sea salt as opposed to regular salt

  • Use non-toxic body care and detergents

  • Avoid sugar, wheat, refined foods and processed foods

  • Choose good oils like avocado oil, grape seed oil and coconut oil for cooking, and olive oil, nut oils or seed oils for salads

  • Reduce your stress, consider meditation

  • Choose non-dairy products like nut or soy milk, cashew or coconut yoghurt and try our recipe for paint-based cheese

  • Do not use a microwave and reduce cellphone radiation

  • We recommend not to consume meat or meat products but if you can’t live without it please choose organic grass-fed and free range. Do not eat pork! Consider reducing meat - it is better for your health and for the planet!

  • Fish from the ocean may be highly contaminated with heavy metals like mercury, the bigger the fish the more contaminated it is. Farmed fish may be full of antibiotics and may also not be the healthiest choice either. Considering that the oceans will be empty soon due to over-fishing, you would do the ocean a service to ditch fish - even though fish has some great nutritional values.

  • Eat a diversity of healthy foods everyday; like garlic, onion, cruciferous vegetables, root vegetables, fruits, berries, legumes, tempeh and tofu, and mushrooms.  Drink water as your main beverage.  Tea is great as well especially green tea!

  • Exercise!!!! So important and feels so good! Learn a new sport to add some fun!

  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, lentils and beans, sprouts, mushrooms, onions and garlic, fresh fruits, sweeten with dates, coconut sugar or maple sirup

  • Have fun and love!

White Pills

Supplements We Take Every Day

Turmeric Curcumin (Anti-Inflammatory):


Liquid Vitamin D3 K2 (Common Deficiency):

B12 Folate (Common Deficiency):

Zinc (Immune Support):

Magnesium Glycinate (Important Mineral):

Selenium (Common Deficiency):

NAC (Immune Support):

The links above are affiliate links, which means at NO extra cost to you, Hakluyt will earn a small kick back if you click them and make a qualifying purchase.  Thanks!

Fresh Green Dip

Addiction to Sugars

Sugar, white flour and other refined grains are like a drug - and yes, you are addicted to it.  Just ask Hakluyt's cap who previously never turned down a chocolate chip cookie...  Sugars are proven to cause type II diabetes, leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome and is linked to Alzheimers disease.

Solution!!  Use healthy sweeteners with a low glycemic index such as dates, coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, or stevia which is plant based.  But be careful of artificial sweeteners as these chemicals can be harmful.


You can use these ingredients to wean yourself off harmful sugars and sweeteners.  Your tastebuds will adjust to the new flavors.  Give yourself 4 weeks and you will notice that your addiction will be on the path to recovery!


You can do this - trust us!!!  Try making a chocolate cream cake from ingredients such as: avocado, dates, raw cocao (not cocoa), cashews and walnuts, and coconut oil.  We will show you how in our upcoming cook book "Healthy - Easy - Delicious" (out now!!  Click here for book link), logbook, and in our YouTube updates.


What is a superfood?  Glad you asked!  Superfoods are - THE most beneficial things you can eat for your health!!  They include plants that contain substances that have substantial anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-aging, and insulin regulating properties!   

Simple examples of superfoods include the following:

Nuts and seeds, berries, mushrooms, sprouts, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts and more), goji berries, quinoa, chia seeds, green tea, garlic, onions, dark leafy greens, ginger, turmeric, avocado, seaweed, legumes and raw cacao.

Green Goodness
Vegetable Garden

Sustainable Food

Hakluyt's crew endeavors to eat what we preach.  While farming on a boat isn't practical there are a variety of novel things we will bring to you to show how easy it is to eat in a sustainable way that also helps our planet.

We need a better solution for our global food supply and diet based health related disease quandaries.  

Before the turn of the 20th century, domestic crops were all "organic".  It wasn't until after World War II that pesticides, insecticides, herbicides became pervasive.  You likely already know, as increasing populations demanded increasing food supplies, farming became more industrialized to improve not only efficiency but increased crop yield. This revolution required the use of artificial and harmful chemicals. There are two fundamental problems with widespread pesticide, insecticide, and herbicide usage. 

One:  Insects and plants and fungi become resistant to the chemicals used in these products over time.  A byproduct of this evolution means stronger chemicals must be used to keep yields nominal and profitable.  It goes without saying - ingestion of "chemicals" are harmful to your body. 

Two:  Because these chemicals have degraded a plants ability to adapt and survive, Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO foods have been engineered to withstand poisonous applications in order to survive.  GMO foods equate to harsher crop chemical application.  And perhaps more importantly - we still don't have an understanding of long term effects GMO foods have on humans or animals. Google "roundup ready crop" or review the following link from Harvard University:  Why Roundup Ready Crops Have Lost their Allure

Solution:  Most of the aforementioned crops are used for the livestock industry.  If we all commit to plant based food and meals we would have enough land available to feed the world.

We won't go deep into the ramifications of this harmful cycle - if you would like to read more you can check out the following article from the Smithsonian:  Is the Livestock Industry Destroying the Planet?

Tofu Salad


SUGAR and ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS - these are the number one cravings for most people and are found in almost every processed food product you pluck from the store shelf.  But there are a multitude of healthy alternatives to "sugars / sweeteners" to give you the sweetness you crave but without all the negative effects of refined or processed sugars and artificial sweeteners (aka chemicals).  Why not try Coconut sugar or organic maple syrup and make this your favorite coffee sweetener!  This is but one example of a "substitute".  For baking cakes or making deserts try medjool dates (best soaked overnight in water to soften them up) instead of sugar.  


REFINED GRAINS (EG white flour, white bread, white rice) can be replaced with "organic whole" grain flours (preferably spelt flour or blue corn).  So for your favorite bread try "organic ancient grain whole grain bread" (often found even in Costco).  For your favorite chips try organic blue corn chips!  Instead of white rice - try brown rice or quinoa.

DAIRY - there are a variety of "non-dairy" milks such as almond milk, oat milk, organic soy milk as easy substitutes.  Instead of cream - for your sauces, deserts, or soups try coconut milk or creme (in the can).

CHEESE - this is another difficult addiction to let go of - BUT there are great alternatives out there for easy homemade plant based cheese.  You can find a quick example on our recipe tab.

 MEAT - (We realize this is a big one...)  if you want to start now contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts - forgoing commercial meat (and fish) products is the number one way to make a major difference.  Surprisingly, plant based proteins are healthier for you than animal proteins.  Plant based foods have protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals your body requires.  Try a mixture of - beans, nuts, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, whole grains, vegetables and mushrooms for your complete protein source or tofu and tempeh for both rich protein sources and texture replacements.  For example, for scrambled eggs try tofu and black salt with nutritional yeast for a tasty breakfast alternative!  Or for a meatball substitute also have a look at our recipe tab.


SALT -  common household salt is not the healthiest choice.  Of all the substitutes - this is by far and away the easiest!  Try Himalayan or sea salt as a simple healthy substitute!

If you have a request on how to substitute ingredients for your favorite dish please send us a note after clicking on the "subscribe" button below and we will do our best to get back to you when we have a good Internet connection!

Tofu Salad
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