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Let The Fun Begin!!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

September 5th and 6th:


The next two days were spent inventorying items on the boat, locating the outboard for the dingy and just getting our bearings onboard. There is a LOT to digest when walking onboard a new boat. Two and a half days is nowhere near long enough to get to know our new home with complete holistic knowledge of her stores and equipment - but it was a good start. Frustratingly, there were some missing items that were promised on the contract inventory, we will work on a deeper dive into storage areas before raising too much of an alarm. There is so much "stuff" on board. We filled the rental car twice with trash. The decades old life rings were better suited as anchors than they are for lifesaving devices. Dishware still had some food/grime on them - and in general looked bad enough to jettison (despite how much it kills me to throw away "usable" items rather than recycle). Enough left over laundry in a bag (conveniently labeled "dirty") to outfit a whole crew. And just a menagerie of old, cracked, worn, broken, gross items that just needed a proper dumpster burial. Please - don't read "too" much into the above statements; Grant and Pascale (the former skipper and first mate) did an absolutely amazing job of putting Arctic Ter... Uhem - Hakluyt, to bed in 2014. Their extensive documentation and organization is simply unparalleled and I am forever grateful for the lengths they went to, to ensure she was put to sleep properly for her new owners. I get that a certain amount of triage had to be done when they were leaving for the last time - I get it!

Check out below for a 360 view of the inside - We are still working out some technical glitches so bear with us for the time being!

No need to press the play button - just hover your mouse over the image, hold down the left click and rotate around!


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