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Maiden Voyage of Hakluyt

On November 28 we finally started our journey after debating early in the morning whether we should really go or not. The weather window was only small and fog was predicted for Twillingate which supposed to be our first destination. Ron and Brian, 2 of our good friends in Lewisporte who came to send us off, suggested we should just do a short leg and go to Exploits Islands. This was the best idea ever!! It was a smooth ride and although it was raining we enjoyed the ride and were happy as can be.

The tranquility and beauty of Exploits Island!

Exploits Island has only 1 permanent resident and a lot of summer cabins with no power. We basically owned the Island, never meeting the lonely guy who lives here year round. Excited we disembarked the boat and took our first walk there. It smelled like pine trees and the many creeks coming from the mountain and the cleanness of the trails made us feel we are in paradise, especially the dogs who where able to run free to their hearts content. We were sad to leave 2 days later but we had to get going if we wanted to arrive in the Bahamas sometime this winter. Next stop was Twillingate which is in general a very beautiful place but for us with our 4 dogs it was not that enjoyable as the marina was right beside the busy main road and not a good place to let them run. Unfortunately we had to wait 3 days until the next good weather window allowed us to go to Fogo Island.

Tied up in Twillingate

Fogo Island is one of the most beautiful places I have seen and we were lucky to be welcomed by our friends Randy and Cherryl who provided us with their truck so we could explore the island. We hiked to Brimstone Head to see one of the 4 corners of the earth, which is believed by the flat earth community to be an edge of the earth. Lucky enough we did not fall off, which implies that the earth might be round after all.

Hiking down from Brimstone Head and one of the corners of the earth.

After 3 beautiful days and lots of opportunities for the dogs to run, the weather turned and we decided to do our first over night passage to Bonavista. It took us 18 hours and Wes and I took turns driving the boat and sleeping. It was exciting and the sunrise which we watch together was absolutely stunning. We continued to Bay de Verte the next day and from there to St. John’s without delay.

Doggie play time!

We are currently stuck in St. John’s harbour in between all the huge ships and waiting for the wind and waves to calm down to continue our journey south. The upside is that we can catch up with updates and are working on creating a youtube channel. the website has been update as well. So feel free to take a look around.

More about the life in St. John’s in the next newsletter. Thanks for reading and following our journey!


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