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Updates - May 2023


We are excited to announce our Independent Content Creator Crowd Sourcing Platform - we call 

"Hakluyt's Archipelago"

 Here you can become a "Team" member and directly contribute to, interact with, and follow more closely in real time - SV Hakluyt's High Latitude Sailing Adventures!  Most YouTube sailing channels work to promote and monetize their adventures via Patreon.  Making a living while at sea is an absolute necessity for us - we sold and invested everything in SV Hakluyt.  Going "independent" puts us in an amazing position to give back more features and benefits to our supporters than we could if we had sailed down the "Patreon" route.

Head over to the Hakluyt Team Member page to see more of what we have to offer and a better explanation of why we chose to create our own Independent Content Creator Crowd Sourcing Platform!

First 20 Team members will be entered in a raffle to win "Greenland" island benefits for 6 months!


Most of our future updates will be published on our Team Member pages going forward - please consider supporting and interacting with us there!

We are also very excited to confirm Hakluyt and crew have successfully endured a full WINTER sailing around Newfoundland!!  It wasn't easy  and it  wasn't something we planned for (as many of you know) but it was an epic adventure and we are really glad it turned out the way it did!  We survived no less than 30 North Atlantic gales and met a crazy amount of AMAZING people!  We have a lot more in store for the coming summer season - so please do stay tuned!!